16. April 2012

Disarmament for Sustainable Development

On the occasion of the second “International Day against Military Spending” on 17 April 2012 nobel prize laureates and academia as well as representatives of trade unions and non-governmental organisations address the public with a global appeal "Disarmament for Sustainable Development". They demand a disarmament plan for development and the inclusion of "peace" as a topic area at the World Conference Rio plus 20 in June 2012.


Among the first to sign the appeal are Prof. Dr. Ana Maria Cetto (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Noam Chomsky (Professor MIT, USA), Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung (Träger des Right Livelihood Award 1987, Norwegen) and Prof. Dr. Walter Kohn (Nobelpreisträger für Chemie 1998, USA).


From Germany Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bartosch (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler), Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ertl (Nobelpreisträger für Chemie 2007), Prof. Dr. Hartmut Graßl (eh. Direktor des Max Planck Instituts für Meterologie), Christine Hoffmann (Pax Christi Deutschalnd) und Otto Jäckel (Chair IALANA, Deutsche Sektion) auch Peter J. Croll (Direktor des Bonn International Center for Conversion, BICC) have signed the appeal.


The appeal can be found here.

For more information see Bonn Center for Conversion's Global Militarization Index (GMI)