2. Februar 2014

Organisational Development for NGOs

PeaceNexus Foundation awards Organisational Development Grants with the purpose of supporting peacebuilding NGOs in increasing their ability to deliver on their missions. This concept note explains the grant focus' rationale and what PeaceNexus Foundation seeks to achieve by supporting organisational development.


Non-profit organisations with a track record in peacebuilding, including grassroots organisations, are encouraged to find more information on the application process here and to apply for the grants, if their needs and objectives match the criteria outlined.


The overall purpose of PeaceNexus is to improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding by connecting actors, tools and levels of peacebuilding. The foundation strives to evolve into a key nexus in peacebuilding.



Please use the application form for expression of interest and submit the form via the email link: SUBMISSION by 31st of March 2014.

For inquiries and clarifications, please contact the responsible Programme Manager, Lisa Ibscher by email.


The PeaceNexus second call of 2014 will set out to address a specific peacebuilding challenge with innovative solutions.  The topic and concept note will be published here in spring 2014.