External Team Coach for the Western Balkans Programme Regional Management Team (RMT)


forumZFD’s vision for the Western Balkans is a region where peace is built through the synergies of active, responsible citizens, institutions and societies working toward dealing with conflicts constructively and non-violently. ForumZFD works in close cooperation with a broad range of local civil society actors and partner organisations throughout the region in three areas of professional peace work, namely Dealing with the Past, formal and non-formal peace education and strengthening spaces for independent media and public dialogue. The current regional programme includes over 25 local and international staff based in four country offices in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia and a regional office (in Belgrade). 

The Regional Management Team (RMT) was constituted in 2016 as the managing body of forumZFD’s Programme in the Western Balkans and includes all four Country Directors, the Regional Director, and the Head of Programme. It is tasked with the overall strategic management of the programme including taking decisions related to ongoing programme development and implementation.


The RMT is seeking a Team Coach to facilitate its further team development and to strengthen ongoing virtual and in person collaboration. 

For this, the following parameters are to be considered:

  • team coaching to be conducted over a period of max. 24 months,
  • one workshop per year (ca. 1,5 - 2 days) in person and up to max. 3 on-line sessions per year,
  • conducted in English.

The tasks of the Team Coach include:

  • designing the workshops and on-line sessions in close coordination with the RMT,
  • facilitating these in a dynamic, interactive and participatory way,
  • providing impulses and recommendations for easing communication and tackling management tasks and responsibilities as a team (often working virtually),
  • documenting results of the workshops and on-line sessions.

Selection Criteria

We are seeking a Team Coach who brings: 

  • Excellent experience as a trainer/facilitator in processes of team building and team development,
  • Experience in advising different levels of management and enabling effective team management of programmes and/or projects, 
  • Extensive knowledge of different on-line tools and approaches for enhancing collaborative teamwork in virtual settings,
  • Several years of experience with intercultural teams working in the NGO-sector and/or in an international context,
  • Skilled in applying a wide range of methods for conducting workshops in person and on-line,
  • Availability for first workshop in the first half of June (preferably 5.–7. June) to be held in the region.

Submission of offer

The proposal should include

  • 1-2 page concept outlining the structure and methods to be applied to ensure an interactive and dynamic team building process,
  • Short CV with a focus on the relevant previous experience, 
  • Financial offer/proposal and availability. 

Interested trainers and coaches are kindly requested to apply at via our application form. 

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by April 2, 2024.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kristen Schubert:

Further information about our organization can be found on our website Our programme in the Western Balkans is described in more detail at