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4 June 2023

International Peace Worker (m/f/d) based in Siem Reap/ Cambodia

KURVE Wustrow is looking for an International Peace Worker (m/f/d) based in Siem Reap/ Cambodia, together with the partner organisations from the Myanmar programme for the CPS-programme “Working with change agents, dealing with the consequences of violence and networking for social transformation”.

Fields of Work:

As an international peace worker, you are responsible for accompanying KURVE Wustrow's partner organisations from the Myanmar programme in questions of security management with a holistic security approach. Additionally, you will support network building with similar organisations, mainly from the Sri Lanka programme. One focus of your work will be on psychosocial support (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, MHPSS) for partners and their target groups. In addition, you develop, if necessary with an external consultant, basics of physical and digital security support as well as support for security and risk management (SRM). You will be based in Cambodia (where KURVE Wustrow starts to establish a regional networking component), with frequent travels (potentially) to Myanmar, to Thailand as well as to Sri Lanka and maybe other countries in the region.

  • Identification of security and risk management (SRM) needs of partner organisations;
  • Development of strategies for the systemic inclusion of psychosocial, physical and digital security aspects as well as SRM into organisational structures and project work as well as support during implementation (including strategies to foster linkages and mutual enrichment between holistic security elements and project work);
  • Development of materials and tailored activities on MHPSS for staff of partner organisations and their target groups (including teachers, activists, students, young people, children, women, civil society organisations, members of minority groups);
  • Consultancy, trainings and trainings of trainers for partners in the field of MHPSS and trauma sensitivity in project work, as well as basic knowledge and application of digital and physical security (if necessary partly with external consultants);
  • Sensitisation, training and consultancy of Civl Peace Service (CPS) country teams in project work related to psychosocial well-being and trauma sensitivity;
  • Promoting regional, cross-country exchange and reflection spaces between CPS partner organisations as well as creating synergies in the field of MHPSS and security and risk management;
  • Exchange and networking with other national and international organisations in the field of MHPSS and holistic security;
  • Establishment of a knowledge management system on holistic security for the Myanmar and Sri Lanka country programmes;
  • Support of internal processes on SRM such as programme development (if requested);
  • Ensuring a proper and adequate application of funds and reporting as well as regular communication with the CPS coordinators and KURVE Wustrow in Germany;
  • Contribution to ongoing conflict and security analyses related to the CPS work and close cooperation with other CPS-workers in the region;
  • Contribution to public relations and networking activities in Germany (if necessary).


  • Psychologist, psychotherapist, educator/pedagogue, social or peace worker or comparable background with several years of work experience in the field of MHPSS;
  • Sound knowledge of and experience with different methods in the psychosocial support of persons who have experienced/ are experiencing violence and/ or are working under repressive conditions;
  • Sound knowledge of and experience in the field of peacebuilding and civil conflict transformation;
  • Sound practical knowledge of the holistic security approach;
  • Knowledge of and practical experience in supporting civil society organisations in the development and implementation of security and risk management;
  • Basic knowledge in the practical application of digital and physical security measures for organisations and employees; willingness to enhance user-oriented knowledge;
  • Experience as a trainer and consultant for civil society organisations;
  • Competence in gender-conscious and non-discriminatory working methods;
  • High willingness to learn and the ability to react flexibly to structures and concerns of different partner organisations;
  • Experience in working with intercultural teams, preferably in Southeast and/or South Asia;
  • Regional knowledge and work experience in Southeast and/or South Asia are an advantage;
  • General counselling and mediation skills, application of participatory methods in an intercultural context;
  • Commitment, high frustration tolerance and the ability to deal with conflicts;
  • Very good knowledge of English; knowledge of Burmese, Tamil and/or Sinhala is an advantage; willingness to learn at least one national language;
  • Willingness to work constructively in a small regional team of CPS professionals;
  • Willingness to work partly online with partners and team members in different locations as well as to travel within the region.

People who are structurally discriminated on different levels are particularly invited to apply.

Contractual conditions:

A contract in accordance with the German law for development aid workers (only for EU-citizens) or a contract in alignment with the German law for development aid workers for citizens from other countries until 31 December 2026, including a three months preparation period in Germany expected to commence on 15 September 2023.

The conditions of the German law for development aid workers precludes the application and deployment of citizens of the deployment countries.

Application procedure:
For your application (in English) please use the ONLINE-application form by using the following code Cambodia_IPW_Holistic Security until 4 June 2023.

LINK: https://www.kurvewustrow.org/stellenausschreibungen-im-zfd

Please notice:

The job interview will take place in Wustrow (Wendland, Lower Saxony, Germany) on 21 June 2023 (or possibly online).

KURVE Wustrow – Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte für gewaltfreie Aktion e.V.
4 June 2023
Siem Reap