19. Dezember 2011

2011 Hessian Peace Prize for Sadako Ogata

On 6th December, Japanese diplomat Sadako Ogata was awarded the Hessian Peace Prize 2011 endowed with 25,000 Euro for her work as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Norbert Kartmann, president of the Hessian State Parliament, emphasized that Ogata helped to improve the living conditions for millions of people. Sadako Ogata joins previous awardees who are strongly committed to humanity and to helping people living in war and conflict regions, highlighted Volker Bouffier, state minister president of Hesse. Dr Gunter Pleuger, who presented the award, stressed that Ogata dedicated her whole life to international politics, protecting people, respecting human rights and securing peace. Being professor for International Relations, Japanese Ambassador to the UN, expert for the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ogata has always been an outstanding diplomat with a steady commitment to conflict management and peace building.




Biography of Sadako Ogata

United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR)