2. Dezember 2014

2014 Right Livelihood Awards presented in Stockholm

On Monday 1 December, the 2014 Right Livelihood Awards was presented to Alan Rusbridger from the U.K., Asma Jahangir from Pakistan, Basil Fernando and the Asian Human Rights Commission (Hong Kong), and Bill McKibben from the U.S. The Award Ceremony took place in the Swedish Parliament.


2014 Awards honour courageous and effective work for human rights, freedom of the press, civil liberties and combatting climate change. The 2014 Right Livelihood Honorary Award goes to EDWARD SNOWDEN (USA) “for his courage and skill in revealing the unprecedented extent of state surveillance violating basic democratic processes and constitutional rights”.
and to ALAN RUSBRIDGER (UK) “for building a global media organisation dedicated to responsible journalism in the public interest, undaunted by the challenges of exposing corporate and government malpractices”.


Three Laureates will equally share the cash award of SEK 1,5 million: The Jury recognises ASMA JAHANGIR (Pakistan) “for defending, protecting and promoting human rights in Pakistan and more widely, often in very difficult and complex situations and at great personal risk”. It is the first time that a Right Livelihood Award goes to Pakistan. The Jury awards BASIL FERNANDO/ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION (Hong Kong SAR/China) “for his tireless and outstanding work to support and document the implementation of human rights in Asia”. The Jury recognises BILL McKIBBEN (USA) “for mobilising growing popular support in the USA and around the world for strong action to counter the threat of global climate change”.


Edward Snowden's speech
Alan Rusbridger's speech (pdf)
Asma Jahangir's speech (pdf)
Basil Fernando's speech (pdf)
Bill McKibben's speech (pdf)

Award presentation speech by Jakob von Uexkull (pdf)