9. September 2019

Call for Contribution: Nuclear Powers

September 26th  is the International Day for the Complete Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Consequently, it is high time to take a closer look on this issue. The Conflict Peace and Democracy Policy Blog (CPD Policy Blog) and the Think & Do Tank Shabka are looking for contributions. This topic is very broad to reflect as many perspectives as possible.Suggestions:

  • How can a disarmament strategy of nuclear weapons succeed?
  • The new freedom of rearmament - after the failure of the INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) treaty.
  • Analysis of one of the nine nuclear powers.
  • The statements of Benjamin Netanyahu**on nuclear weapons claims of Iran. How are the renewed Parliamentary elections in Israel influenced by this?
  • Which development can be expected from the uranium enrichment of Iran?

Feel free to choose any other thematic focus related to nuclear powers.

The contribution language is English or German. A gender neutral language is highly appreciated.

Contact person: Rebecca Trixa (rebecca.trixa[at]

Conflict Peace and Democracy Policy Blog

Think & Do Tank Shabka