15. Mai 2007

CfA for the 6th Hanseatic Baltic Summer School 2007

Europe in the International Security Order: Concepts, Issues, and Trends
In cooperation with the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at Hamburg University

Europe in the International Security Order: Concepts, Issues, and Trends
In cooperation with the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at Hamburg University
Aim and purpose: The Hanseatic-Baltic Summer School (HBSS) is an intensive one week summer programme. This year the summer school focuses on the role of the EU in the international security order. The underlying concern of the summer school is to analyse various models for the EU?s international role. The EU has already achieved the status of a great economic power which is able to challenge the economic hegemony of the USA. However, in military terms, it has to be considered as relatively weak lacking any common political will. Should Europe concentrate its energies to develop strong defence and strategic capabilities independent from the USA and NATO? Or is the strength of Europe rather to be found in the cultural sector, namely to shape international moral and legal standards? Thus, the question of Europe as a economic, military, or normative power represents the major research focus of the lectures and workshops.
The Summer School is open to students who are working in the social sciences (economics and political science) and law. Preference will be given to students at the end of their Bachelor and beginning of their Master Studies.
In response to an increasing demand for post-graduate training in Europe, HAUS RISSEN HAMBURG and the Centre for European Peace and Security Studies offer a Summer School to promote the Europeanisation of social science teaching and research skills. In particular, it aims to strengthen the co-operation between Western-, Central-, and Eastern European researchers and universities. The HBSS facilitates individual contacts between university departments and other research institutions to improve student mobility and to share teaching resources.
Organisation: The Summer School comprises of five teaching days, each divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The Summer School provides a forum for promising students to discuss their own work and to build up a network with other researchers. Students have to attend the week entirely. At the end of the Summer School each participant will get a certificate.
The fee of 285 EURO covers the conference organisation and full accommodation (single rooms with bathrooms, meals) for the whole course. Participants have to pay their travel costs. Reimbursement of travel costs is not possible. There are no scholarships available.
The Summer School will be held in Hamburg at the International Institute for Politics and Economics (HAUS RISSEN HAMBURG). The teaching staff includes academics, speakers from Brussels and think tanks. The final programme will be available by the end of April. The Summer School is organised so as to maximise opportunity for academic discussion outside the formal periods of class contact. The students are accommodated in HAUS RISSEN HAMBURG and this acts in favour of a considerable amount of additional academic exchange.
Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a covering letter. The covering letter should describe their motivation to participate in the summer school (i.e. a clearly visible research interest in EU matters). This letter of intent should have ca. 500 words.
Closing date: 1 July 2007. Applications should be send to: Dr. Eckard Bolsinger (Summer School Director),; Successful candidates will be informed within two weeks of the closing date. If you have not been contacted within this period your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.