12. Dezember 2011

CfA: Peter-Becker-Prize 2012

The prize is given in recognition of work and projects that create and promote scientific knowledge on the formation, progression and management of conflicts and that enable or perform the practical implementation of conflict management. The award especially aims to strengthen and improve civilian conflict management in the societal and transnational realm. Additionally, it can be awarded for work and projects that address conflicts in non-European countries, whether the work or project has been  implemented or could have been implemented. The award is now herewith publicly announced. It is endowed with 10,000 €.


The recipient of the award is selected by a committee that includes the benefactor of the award as well as members of the Centre for Conflict Studies at Philipps-University Marburg and public figures who are renowned in regard to civilian conflict management.


The deadline for applications or nominations is June 30, 2012. Applications or nominations should be submitted to: Centre for Conflict Studies at Philipps-University Marburg, PD Dr. J.M. Becker, Ketzerbach 11, D-35032 Marburg. The fall and winter term of 2012/2013 marks the fifth time this award will be given.