23. März 2011

CfP: "Approaches to Peace & Conflict: What is Missing?"

The Special Issue of Peace, Conflict & Development will be released in December 2011. Deadline for Submissions is 15 June2011.

The editors are looking for contributions that explore aspects often downplayed or forgotten, both in the theoretical discussion of peace and conflict, as well as in the domain of policy-making and its institutional practice.

Articles could fall (but not exclusively) within the following subtopics:

  • - Micro-level analysis of conflict
  • - Qualitative assessment of `peace' in different case-studies
  • - Critique of the methodology and epistemology of prevailing paradigms of peace and conflict studies
  • - Depolitisation of peace and conflict
  • - Issues of power (local, global) after the settlement of formal peace
  • - Transnational aspects of peace and conflict
  • - Critiques of processes of reconciliaton
  • - Development models in post-war scenarios
  • - Mechanisms of social change, peace and violence

Please send your papers to editors(at) Follow the `notes to contributors' on the journal website for guidance and instructions:

Authors must also include a short biographical note and full correspondence details – address, email, telephone – with their manuscript.

Please include a correspondence address and email address. Manuscripts and Disks cannot be returned.