3. Dezember 2006

CfP: Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Women in Violent Conflict

The Netherlands Defense Academy and Emory University Law School\'s Feminism & Legal Theory Project have joined together to sponsor a symposium regarding the sexual abuse and exploitation of women and girls in violent conflict. Since the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing there have been many conferences and political debates, yet a need for systematic investigations of the causes and consequences of violence remains. This conference will serve to provide a series of comprehensive perspectives on the problems arising from the sexual abuse and exploitation of women and girls in violent conflict. To that end, in June 2007 experts from the military, politics and the academy will be brought together to exchange ideas, discussperspectives, and think about ways to move forward.
Issues that may be explored within the framework of the conference include:
- Defining the relationship between violence against women in peacetime and violence during war.
- Consideration of the political, personal, and societal ramifications of violence against women in times of conflict.
- Consideration of how violence against women is an obstacle to equality, development and peace.
- Consideration of the psychological, sociological and political consequences of abuse and exploitation for victims, bystanders, family and community.
- Consideration of how 'neutral' individuals and organizations may actually collude in or facilitate violence.
- Factors that affect the extent to which sexual violence against women and girls during armed conflict is recognized and addressed.
- The development and success of political and legal responses to violence against women in times of conflict.
- NGO and international organizations\' capabilities to address abuse and exploitation.
- The role of religious communities and the media in addressing these issues.
- Displacement and status consequences as a result of abuse and exploitation.
- Abuse and exploitation through the lens of Western foreign policy.
- The role of (inter)national law in addressing abuse and exploitation.
- Military capacities and strategies to address abuse and exploitation nationally and during peace operations.
Confirmed speakers include Major-General Patrick Cammaert (Force Commander UN Mission to the Congo), Yakin Ertürk (Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council on violence against women, its causes and consequences), Martha LA Fineman (Emory University), Muna Ndulo (Cornell University), Fionnuala Ni Aolain (Ulster University) and Elisabeth Wood (Yale University).
We welcome papers from all disciplines. Abstracts of 200-300 words are due by January 15, 2007. Please email abstracts to Daniel Blocq ( and Martha LA Fineman (, indicating 'Abstract' in the subject heading. Authors will be informed of acceptance of proposals no later than February 12, 2007.