6. Mai 2009

CfP: 'Transnational Security Governance and Local Political Order 'Beyond' the State in Africa, Latin America, and Asia'

With this panel the organisers want to bring into dialogue theoretical approaches from the field of transnational security governance with research on political orders \'beyond\' the state in Area Studies. For that purpose we are particularly interested in contributions that use methodological tools from practice theories (i.e. Bourdieu, Foucault, Latour a.o.) to allow for the comparative analysis of local security governance and its embeddedness within broader relations of power in the 'Third World' and the International System more generally. We understand governance as an analytical tool for the empirical analysis of how power is being exercised in order to govern security. The panel analytically distinguishes three levels of security governance practices:
(a) the categorical which is about the dominant perceptions and rationalities of what is regarded as a security problem and how it should be addressed,
(b) the institutional which is about who authorizes security policies, and
(c) the level of implementation which is about the actual techniques of (in)security provision. Empirically the panel focuses on spaces such as urban territories, enclaves of resource extraction, or border regions in which security governance is predominantly shaped by external actors and knowledge. Overall, we seek to develop tools for a comparative research agenda on ,glocal\' security governance and political orders in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. We invite theoretical and empirical contributions, case studies as much as comparative work.
Please send your abstract of about 300 words to and no later than May 20 2009.
Organisers: Jana Hoenke & Markus-Michael Mueller, Freie Universität Berlin
Confirmed Chairs/Discussants: Anna Leander, CBS Copenhagen; Dirk Kruijt, Utrecht University