21. April 2013

Civilian Peacebuilding Course 2013/14

In 25 days spread over one year, the course explores the state of the art in selected peacebuilding fields and reflects critically on peacebuilding practices.


Renowned academics and experienced practitioners provide conceptual and practical knowledge in six key areas:
1. Peacebuilding Analysis and Impact
2. Gender Dimensions in Conflict and Peacebuilding
3. Peacebuilding and Statebuilding
4. Peace Mediation
5. Dealing with the Past
6. Business, Conflict and Peacebuilding.


Participants analyze current debates and peace processes, acquire practical methods and skills, and build up an extensive professional network in academia and practice.

The postgraduate program is designed for people working in the fields of peacebuilding, human rights, development cooperation and media and those who aspire to work in one of these areas.


Applications close on 31 May.


We warmly invite you to our information event followed by a reception on 07 May. Thank you for registering for this event by sending an email to by 02 May.


Please find further information in the attached flyer and on the swisspeace website