25. Oktober 2011

"Democracy, Knowledge, and Gender in a Transnational World"

The DAAD-funded International PhD Program Transnational in the Faculty of the Social Sciences is now accepting applications for the summer term 2012. The program offers a structured, three-year period of research at a high academic level to graduates of sociology, political science, social psychology and anthropology. PhD candidates will profit from an intellectually stimulating and supporting infrastructure that includes special counseling, intense academic supervision, and participation in the "Forum Transnational" with international visiting scholars as well as methods and theory workshops tailored to the needs of the participants. In addition, doctoral candidates will receive support in applying for scholarships and in career planning. Special funding is available for research periods abroad and networking with other PhD candidates in independent doctoral working groups (DocAGs). The IPP Transnational does not provide PhD scholarships.


The IPP's profile combines three areas of research in a transnational perspective:

1. Challenges and innovations of democracy

2. Transformations of the gender order

3. Biosciences and society


Special German courses and supervision opportunities will be made available for international PhD candidates. The program's working languages are English and German. The IPP Transnational cooperates with partner universities in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the United States. Graduates of sociology, political science, social psychology and anthropology both from Germany and abroad can apply who have an above-average university degree (MA, first state examination, Magister, diploma, or the like) and a sound knowledge of English. In addition to the usual application documents (copy of the diploma, CV), applicants must submit a five-page PhD proposal, in either German or English, in line with the IPP Transnational's research design. Furthermore, the application shall include a brief letter of motivation and two letters of reference. More detailed information on the profile of the IPP Transnational is available on the program's Web site at


Further information about the application can be obtained from Dr. Sybille Küster, IPC Social Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, tel.: +49-69-798-23433.


Applications are to be sent by December 1, 2011, to the head of the project


Prof. Dr. Helma Lutz

Faculty of the Social Sciences

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Robert-Mayer-Straße 5

60054 Frankfurt am Main