12. März 2017

Education in Emergencies. Theories and Methods – Curricula and Educational Media – Teachers and Teacher Training

The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) is pleased to announce the fourth Georg Arnhold International Summer School, which will take place in Braunschweig, Germany, from 24 to 28 July 2017.The Summer School will bring together early-career scholars, senior researchers and practitioners to critically explore theories and methods, curricula and educational media, the role and training of teachers of Education in Emergencies, focusing on all educational levels as well as formal and non-formal educational practices.

Education is a fundamental human right, of which millions of children and young adults around the world have been deprived as a result of both natural and man-made emergencies, including environmental disasters and wars. It is not only recent events, such as the current refugee crisis emerging from the war in Syria, that have led to a growing awareness on an international scale of how important it is to ensure that this fundamental human right is respected. Accordingly, education has increasingly become an integral part of the humanitarian response to emergency situations and, as such, the object of an emergent and fast-expanding field of research. Scholarship in the field of Education in Emergencies has attempted to shed light on questions related to, among other things, access to education, curricula and educational media, teachers and teacher training, economics and funding of education programs, and the roles and interaction of local and international actors in emergency situations. While significant achievements have been made, both in research and practice, many issues and questions remain insufficiently explored.

The GEI thus invites original contributions that draw upon diverse contexts, theories, and methods to shed light on questions pertaining to, but not restricted to, the following aspects: Theories and Methods of Education in Emergencies, Curricula and Educational Media, Teachers and Teacher Training for Education in Emergencies.

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