7. September 2005

European Feminist Forum

As women living in Europe we have many things to confront: the process of European enlargement, the decline of the nation state, the dominance of the market and consumerism, the growing poverty, social and political inequalities and insecurities within Europe and outside in the face neo conservatism and dominance of the US. Many gains made by women\'s rights movements are under threat as the state retreats and new forms of fundamentalisms appear in the guise of appeals to the family and the care economy. We need to understand how women from all corners of this now huge political and economic domain called Europe live their lives, tell their histories, fight their struggles, create the space for change, survival and celebration. Can we today identify ourselves as European feminists? Can we craft a dialogue that is multi-faceted, multicultural perhaps even multi-political and inspire a much needed economic and social transformation in Europe?
A small group of us has been meeting in the last months face to face and in cyberspace around the question of how to move forward as European feminists in this new Europe, particularly in relation to the international agenda. Join the process towards organizing a European Feminist Forum at the end of 2006/beginning 2007. We are pulling together a small group that will help to map out more concrete ideas, programme and identify networks/women\'s groups and funding along with institutional support towards a European Feminist Forum.