23. Mai 2014

European Institute of Peace (EIP) launched

The Governments of Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland have joined together and have established an independent public interest foundation based in Brussels.


The EIP’s President, Mr Staffan de Mistura notes: “The EIP is a most timely endeavour. It is now that Europe must rise to meet global challenges. The European Institute of Peace is an ambitious way to advance EU capacities and augment the diplomatic toolkit of Europe.”


The EIP is a flexible and external tool in support of Europe’s peace efforts, complementing the set of instruments at the EU’s disposal in mediation and dialogue. The Institute pursues multitrack diplomacy and promotes best practice in conflict resolution. It will serve to enhance mediation work of other parties, while bringing its own competences and resources to do
so and drawing on the normative work of the United Nations.


The Institute acts of its own accord, or in response to proposals from EU bodies and other parties, depending on the situation and the character of the conflict. The EIP also assists in the rapid and flexible mobilisation of tailored expertise in support of mediation and dialogue carried out by European states, the United Nations or other international actors, or in response
to proposals from parties to a conflict.


The EIP supports engagement and builds capacity in mediation and dialogue, including by providing conflict analysis, training, facilitation and coaching. The Institute serves as an operational hub, connecting existing expertise and drawing on resources available throughout Europe. Moreover, the Institute provides advice and makes European experience and knowledge in mediation and dialogue from the field more easily accessible to European policy makers and practitioners.

(EIP Press Release, 12 May 2014)