11. April 2005

International MA program in Peace and Development Studies

The International MA program in Peace and Development Studies is a postgraduate program meant to challenge students both inside and outside the classroom. Although the courses reflect the high quality of its international faculty, a significant portion of the education occurs outside the seminars. Unlike most modern universities, this program recognises that students themselves are valuable sources of information. Therefore, in addition to a standard education informed by professors and texts, the MA also cultivates a more horizontal approach to education, where students can teach each other. Universitat Jaume I initially issues the Master\'s degree to the students who attend three terms of the academic courses at the Master\'s Program in Peace and Development Studies together with the submission of the final draft of their thesis. The MA recently celebrated its 10th Edition this year and held an International Congress in January to commemorate the event. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2005-6 academic year.