13. Februar 2014

International Peacebuilders' Forum (IPF) 2014

The International Peace-Builders’ Forum (IPF) is a unique and publicly accessible opportunity for institutions and individuals in the field of peace-building to physically meet and connect with other stakeholders. These stakeholders include

  • NGOs, foundations and networks
  • State actors and international organizations
  • Think-tanks, university students and academic staff
  • Grant-giving organisations, philanthropic individuals and corporates
  • Individual peace-builders


In view of the absence of such a forum in the field of peacebuilding, which is demanded, CAUX-Initiatives of Change (CAUXIofC) and the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP) joined hands to organize the IPF with the support of the Caux Scholars Program. The IPF expects around 230 participants. This includes 150 participants and 40 exhibitors with two delegates per organization. Besides the exhibition, there will be panel discussions, presentations, workshops and small discussion groups related to peace-building from a professional and a personal point of view. It is a tradition at Caux to encourage reflection and dialogue across diverse backgrounds, allowing for participants to bring in their current questions and concerns. It is also worth taking some time to enjoy the breath-taking views and get into the mountains by foot or train.


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