31. März 2012

Israelis to Iranians: We love you

In recent weeks, a campaign to promote peace and understanding between Israel and Iran has garnered an incredible amount of attention through a profoundly simple message: we love you.


"Since 14 March 2012, inspired by Israeli graphic designer and teacher Ronny Edri’s "Israel loves Iran" campaign, Iranians as well as members of other nations have reframed the narrative of war to one of a “love bomb”. Edri designed posters that read “Iranians: We will never bomb your country. We [heart] you.” And Iranians responded in kind. This messaging is changing nightmares of war into hope that there will be solidarity between the people of Iran and Israel – creating a movement to wipe out fear, instead of each other.


The unique characteristic of this campaign is how ordinary people have succeeded in reframing government narratives. Under pressure from fear of a war – initiated by governments – people began efforts to rescue each other from fright and apprehensiveness; they sought to make each other feel secure. Here, even as an observer, you can see how people employed the most advanced skills from conflict resolution without even knowing it; they simply used the power of compassion, empathy and care. They unconsciously employed these conflict resolution methods to help create their own future and shape their realities." (Sahar Namazikhah, journalist, Iran/USA, Common Ground News Service)


More Information

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