6. Mai 2008

KOFF Organizes a New Series of Training Courses on Specific Aspects of Civil Peacebuilding

The Center for peace-building (KOFF) is organizing a new series of two-day training sessions, to be conducted by international experts and KOFF personnel. The series kicks off on August 27th-28th with a training on 'Working on Trauma in Communities Affected by Mass Violence'. A course scheduled for September 24-25 entitled 'Reflecting on Peace Practice' will introduce the main findings of the RPP Project initiated by the CDA Collaborative Learning Projects. As in the past year, participants in a course on 'Do no Harm' on October 22-23 will have a chance to become acquainted with the best known methods for conflict-sensitive project management. Finally, a two-day workshop will be held on 'Practice and Methodology of Dialogue Facilitation' on November 13-14. Its focus will be an introduction into the practice and methodology of dialogues between individuals and groups belonging to conflicting parties.
More information on this series of trainings can be gathered via eMail: or the internet