16. März 2007

Launch of the 'Peace Education Online Communities' Website

The Peace Education Center, International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), and Global Campaign for Peace Education invite you to participate in a new global online initiative 'the Peace Education Online Communities.' The Peace Education Online Community is an interactive website that enables members of the global community to communicate and interact with each other through a number of tools including: online discussions, collaborative working spaces, an updatable calendar of events, member profiles, reports of institutes, the sharing of files and papers including sample curricula and best practices from local communities, and much, much more. This web-based initiative was developed to support the members and participants of the International Institute on Peace Education, Community-based Institutes on Peace Education, and the Global Campaign for Peace Education, and other concerned educators.
The site is comprised of several specific communities some of which are restricted or private for people who are working on projects or people who have participated in specific events or programs. You are invited to participate in the 'Global Classroom' and 'Networking' communities which are open to anyone who registers to the site. The Global Classroom is a topic oriented space designed to facilitate discussions on issues of relevance to the peace education community. From child labor to disarmament, you are encouraged to post your thoughts, research questions, or share your educational strategies on any of these topics. The Networking Community is organized geographically and is intended as a space to introduce yourself and your work within your region or community. If you are looking for a peace education event or workshop within your region, you are encouraged to visit the Networking community. If you post something on either the Global Classroom or Networking Community you will automatically be notified by email if someone should respond to you.
You can access the forum directly at A link to the Community space is also provided in the right hand column of this newsletter. When you first visit the site you will need to register by clicking on the 'create new account' link located in the 'login' box on the top left of the site. Registering is a two-step process. A few minutes after you register a confirmation notice will be sent to the email address you provided. You will need to open this email and follow instructions to complete your registration. Simple instructions for navigating and using all the many features of the website can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the upper right side of the site.
The site is a work in progress. The more the designers play with it the more one discovers it is capable of doing. The more you and others contribute and share your ideas and questions the more the community will come to life! You are encouraged to visit and contribute often. For questions, comments, or more information contact