27. September 2013

Nob Peace Prize

The International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (IAPCS) wants to institute the Nob Peace Prize - as a gentle way of mocking the Nobel Peace Prize that has - in the past - made some very curious awards. The Nob Peace Prize (or Notorious Belligerent Prize) should go to an individual, group of people or institution that has demonstrated belligerence during the year in causing human suffering and actively working against peace.

IAPCS welcomes nominations. Simply email the name of the individual/group/institution to and the reason in no more than 50 words. Please keep it legal though. The Nob Peace Prize Committee will then discuss the nominees and make a decision. The deadline for nominations is 1 October.

Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nob Peace Prize does not come with a significant financial reward. The accolade is simply more shame. We hope to announce the 'winner' in time to coincide with the Nobel Peace Prize.


The International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (IAPCS) is a forum for critical scholars, students and practitioners of peacebuilding to exchange ideas, keep in touch with each other and with developments in the field. The Association will hold an Annual Conference (in Manchester or elsewhere) and will be linked with the new journal Peacebuilding.