23. November 2020

Nominations open for the PACEY Plus Youth Award

The Basel Peace Office and the Office of Cantonal and Urban Development (Department of Presidential Affairs, Canton of Basel-Stadt) invite nominations for the 2021 Basel PACEY Plus Award.

Two prizes of €5000 Euro each will be awarded to exemplary youth projects or youth initiatives to advance peace, climate protection and disarmament, especially nuclear disarmament. One of the awards is for a European youth project and the other award is for a youth project from outside of Europe or a global youth project.The awards will support youth projects which advance effective policy action to cut carbon emissions, enhance the transition to renewable energies, address and resolve international conflicts, abolish nuclear weapons, reduce weapons budgets and investments, and/or support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Priority will be given to projects making the connections between the peace, climate and nuclear disarmament issues, and their increasing relevance in times of the pandemic.

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