14. April 2014

Peace and Conflict: an Interdisciplinary Conference

The Conference of the British Conflict Research Society is an interdisciplinary event that brings together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss a broad range of issues relating to peace and conflict studies. We welcome abstracts of proposed papers (200-300 words) or panels (500 words) before 30th April 2014. Submissions are welcome on any theme, but the organisers particularly welcome presentations that fit within the following sections.

Section 1- Peace and conflict studies, in general
Section 2- Contributions from across the disciplines
Section 3- Practices of conflict transformation and resolution
Section 4- Family and community: lived experiences, policy responses and the third sector (Tuesday 2nd September)
Section 5- Gendering peace and conflict resolution (Wednesday 3rd September)
Section 6- Scientific Study of Conflict and Cooperation (Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th September)

Submissions for the Cedric Smith Prize 2014, a prize for the best piece of peace and conflict research (broadly defined) by a UK based student (either currently at the pre-degree stage or having passed their PhD no earlier than 1st July 2013) are also welcome. If you or your students are interested please contact Gordon Burt now: gordonjburt(at)


The Conference will also feature presentations from the joint winners of the Conflict Research Society Book of the Year Prize:

  • Kevin Avruch (2012) Context and pretext in conflict resolution: conflict, identity, power and practice. Boulder CO: Paradigm Publishers.
  • Lars-Erik Cederman, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Halvard Buhaug (2013) Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War. Cambridge University Press.