21. Dezember 2004

Peace and Security Policy Studies

The M.P.S.-course is trans- and interdisciplinarily as well as practice orientated. It is meant as a combination of 'hands on' and classroom-based learning. The course aims at introducing highly qualified humanities and sciences graduates from German or foreign universities as well as academically qualified, experienced practicioners to problems of peace- and security-policy and to fundamental issues relating their practical application. Furthermore, the course aims at imparting methods and insights of peace research and thus at preparing the students for work in peace-studies research and teaching or for practical work for national and international organisations, administrations, associations, and businesses (e. g. peace-keeping, monitoring, verification, development aid, mediation, arbitration, conversion, administration).
Admission Requirements
The course is designed for students who wish to work in the fields of peace studies or peace- and security-policy. Applicants must have 240 points ECTS (usually a four-year course) and must have achieved an honours degree at a German or foreign university. Applications showing professional interest and scientific or practical experience in fields related to problems of peace and international security will be prefered. As both teaching and research are done in German and English, sufficient knowledge of both languages is required. Students may choose whether to complete coursework and examinations, including their master\'s thesis, in the English or German language (Auszug aus der Ausschreibung).