3. Januar 2018

Research Incubators on Data-driven Modeling of Conflicts, Migration, and Social Cohesion

The idea of the research incubator is to bring together experts in computational social sciences (CSS), experts on a specific research topic, and junior researchers within three summer schools to advance future research on the multiple linkages between social cohesion, migration, and conflicts by using data-driven modeling approaches. As the current refugee crisis illustrates, migration, voluntary or forced, has the potential to destabilize social cohesion in core states of Europe, generating conflicts within a society, while at the same time successful integration requires a strong and supportive network of citizens sharing values and ideas. Learn more about the background here.

The three summer schools focus on one research topic each:

Within each summer school, junior researchers team up with senior experts to work through the whole research process on one specific research topic. Their aim is to prepare a manuscript for scientific publication. Within each team, one expert has a strong methodological expertise in computational social sciences (CSS) and the other a strong topical expertise. The goal is to train the 24 participating junior researchers in CSS methods and to give them hands-on expertise in a cutting-edge research project on conflicts using CSS methods. Learn more about the concept of the summer schools here.