25. November 2008

'Scholarship and War: Ethics, Power and Knowledge'

'Scholarship and War: Ethics, Power and Knowledge'
Call for Submissions by the Cambridge Review of International Affairs

'Scholarship and War: Ethics, Power and Knowledge'
Call for Submissions by the Cambridge Review of International Affairs
It is generally accepted that the relationship between the academic production of knowledge and the sphere of international relations and political institutions can be characterized as a state of reciprocal influence. But how is the connection between the world of academic practices and power politics altered or radicalized in times of war? This special issue of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs (March 2010, 23:1) will critically examine the role academic disciplines (in particular anthropology, economics, history, international relations, law, and political science) play in circumstances of war (by which we mean inter-state conflict, internal insurgencies, conflicts caused by state suppression, and cyber-warfare). We especially encourage the submission of papers that address the following issues from different disciplinary perspectives:
- Does a scholar have altered ethical responsibilities during war, for instance a moral responsibility to express their view (pro or con) in public fora, or to lobby public officials?
- What was the nature of historic relationships between scholarship and war (such as German academics prior to WWI or American academics during the Cold War) and how have these past relations shaped contemporary research programs?
- How are discourses of particular academic disciplines assimilated and deployed by the state during war?
- How has the notion of victory in war been reconfigured by scholarship?
- What role have academic institutions historically played in military training and what kind of academic support does the military require during wartime?
- How have academic disciplines determined the course of conflicts?
The detailed schedule is as follows: Submission of Abstract - 30th December 2008; Notification of acceptance - 30th January 2009; Submission of selected papers - 30th April 2009; Publication - March 2010
Please note that all articles will be subject to our peer review process and that the Editors retain the discretion at all stages of the publication process to accept or reject an article.
Abstracts should be about 600 to 800 words in length. We also look forward to receiving suggestions about topical books to be reviewed. Please email proposals by 30th December 2008 to the Editor-in-Chief