11. April 2005

State Management and Humanitarian Affairs

The Master\'s programme, with English language of instruction covers the most attractive and relevant fields of state management and humanitarian affairs through its multidisciplinary character. The aim of this Master Programme is to prepare the young people, especially those working in the public and private sectors, to act professionally in the regional, state and international institutions. Within the studies, the students will meet with the policies of good governance, strategic management of the public, private and non-profit organizations, prevention and crisis management, as well as human rights protection.
Master\'s teaching staff and subjects: the Master\'s teaching staff is composed of university professors, experts from the diplomatic world, public and private institutions, international organizations, and peace-keeping forces. Most of lecturing will be performed by professors from University of Sarajevo and University La Sapienza. Educational clusters are: Methodology of Research, Geopolitics, International organisations and international relations, Institution buildings and human rights, Economics, Health economics; Environmental sustainability, Humanitarian affairs and crisis management (extracted from the invitation).