22. Dezember 2004

Steps Towards Inner Peace

Burn out syndroms and workaholism is unfortunately a growing symptom within NGOs with commitments for Human Rights, Civil Society and Conflict Resolution. Often the time of recreation and reflection is much shorter than the many hours spent with exhaustive activities in the field or office. Dr Burkhard Luber from The Threshold Foundation ( offers a new weekend course approach to help NGO workers to find possibilities for making a constructive break within their hard routine work. During such a course participants will explore the potential of reflection and dealing friendly with their soul and body, so that new energy can flow into their commitments afterwards.
Such a course includes elements of:
- Meditation in silence
- Body exercises for relaxation
- Contemplative music and text listening
- Confidence Training in the group
NGOs interested in such a Training for Inner Peace, which will be held on-site at the location of the NGO, can contact Burkhard Luber; a program will then be communicated and finalized in consent with the potential participants. Dr Burkhard Luber has numerous commitments with NGOs worldwide for two decades, especially in capacity training and fundraising. He also got a trainer education in meditation, body relaxation and contemplative music.