31. August 2015

Transforming violent war-economies: What we know and what we need to know

Profits resulting from the production and trade of valuable natural resources have long been identified as a driving force of violent conflict. The prospect of profits enables and exacerbates armed violence and facilitate the occurrence of (illicit) war-economies. Accordingly, the transformation of war-economic structures and dealing with involved entrepreneurs ranks high on the (inter-)national post-conflict peacebuilding agenda as both factors might constitute a major risk to the lasting peace and stability of post-conflict states. Yet, we know little about the fate of war-economies after the end of violent conflict and their sustainable impact on post-conflict societies.
The workshop aims to shed light on existing examples of transformation processes of war-economies and their impact on post-conflict societies. We welcome papers that link academic research on the topic with current policy debates. The goal is to collect possible contributions for publication of an edited volume on the topic. Papers should address one or several of the following subject areas:
  1. The structure and the agency of war-economies as a challenge to post-conflict societies: How do war-economies structures endure in or adapt to post-conflict situation? How do war-economic actors spoil peace as either violent or peaceful resisters?
  2. Intended and unintended effects of state-building strategies directed at war-economies: When do measures directed towards violent conflict-economies promote peace and inclusive political and economic institutions and when do they negatively influence peace processes? Do we need a modified strategy?
  3. Thinking outside the box: What alternative strategies of dealing with war-economies can we think of?
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