30. Januar 2005

USAID veröffentlicht 3 Analyse-Instrumente

These toolkits are part of a series that explores how development assistance can address key risk factors associated with conflict. Each toolkit: 1) examines the relationship between the issue area and violence; 2) discusses lessons learned in developing programs to deal with that issue in a conflict-affected or conflict-prone setting; 3) presents a range of relevant program interventions; 4) provides survey instruments or other tools to determine which aspects of the issue are most relevant to conflict in a particular setting; and 5) identifies existing USAID mechanisms and implementing partners that work on the issue. Monitoring and evaluation tools are currently being developed.Together, the elements of each toolkit are intended to help raise awareness about the linkages between the issue area, development assistance and conflict, and to assist USAID Officers in integrating a conflict perspective into their programming.All three toolkits are downloadable in PDF from CMM\'s web page and from the Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) web site. Links are included below. Hard copies of the toolkits can be ordered through the DEC site (