25. Juli 2022

Exploring customary peacebuilding practices in local Egyptian communities

Within the CCP fellowship program by ifa zivik, CRISP Berlin has been working with the Egyptian peacebuilding NGO Madad on exploring customary peacebuilding practices in Egypt, an approach to peacebuilding that is not widely investigated.

Through a study trip to the different governorates, they have documented and analyzed the traditional conflict resolution mechanisms that have been long adopted by the local communities in these governorates, where the findings are to be categorized and the best practices are to be extracted and disseminated. 

These are valuable findings not just as a subject of dissemination, but also as a basis for further studies in this field, with a possibility of replicating in different contexts to create a comparative approach to customary peacebuilding techniques and potentially developing trainings and workshops on the topic. 

CRISP Berlin is glad to meet, share and discuss with you the findings and potential follow up ideas.

If you would like to get in touch with the project team, you can contact Dina Farid: farid@crisp-berlin.org