18. Juli 2021

Prize for Innovation in Global Security

Deadline: 23 September 2021

The Geneva Centre For Security Policy (GCSP) and its Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme are now accepting applications for the 2021 GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security.

The winners (first, second and third place) will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of renowned practitioners from international organisations, governments and the private sector, based on the following criteria:

  • Dedication to sustainable global security
  • Preservation of human dignity, security and justice
  • Creativity and Originality

The prize for the application coming in first position is CHF 10’000 and a certificate of excellence. The two other finalist applications will receive a certificate of recognition.

The winners (first, second and third place) will be announced publicly during our yearly event to be held in November 2021.

The prize would help fund projects, while providing increased international visibility for the participant’s work. It is part of the Centre’s Creativity and Innovation Initiative and is meant to stimulate forward-thinking and creative solutions on current issues of international security.

Applications may come from any country, but the project should go beyond national borders in its reach or thought and must seek to address global security challenges in innovative ways. A broad range of projects could qualify for consideration, including, but not limited to, technological and conceptual innovations, original research, or grassroots initiatives.

Deadline: 23 September 2021 at 18:00 UTC+2.

Announcement: November 2021.