Kurve Wustrow

International Peace Worker (m/f/d) in Jerusalem/Bethlehem area in Israel/Palestine

The Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent ActionKURVE Wustrow was founded in 1980 with the aim of turning concerns about violent conflict, environmental degradation and social injustice into conscious nonviolent action.

KURVE Wustrow conducts trainings, workshops and events in the field of civil, nonviolent conflict transformation in Germany and abroad. We send International Peace Workers as part of the “Civil Peace Service” (CPS) to selected conflict contexts. KURVE Wustrow cooperates with partner organisations in the Western Balkans, Palestine/Israel, in Sudan, in Ukraine and in South and Southeast Asia. Other key areas of our work include our commitment to the protection of the climate and natural resources and our opposition to nuclear energy.

New Profile was founded in 1998 as a feminist movement which acts for reducing the military’s influence on Israeli civil society and seeks to promote peace, non-violence, and a just and democratic society. We believe that militarism – which is deeply rooted in Israeli society – makes society more violent, sexist, and racist, weakens civilian and democratic values, blocks the path to peace, and prevents the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, perpetuating human rights violations against Palestinians and other marginalized groups.

For the CPS-programme

“Protecting civil society spaces, strengthening non-violent initiatives”

KURVE Wustrow and its partner organisation New Profile are hiring an

International Peace Worker (m/f/d)
in Jerusalem/Bethlehem area in Israel/Palestine

Fields of work:

The InternationalPeace Worker (IPW) works part-time (3,5-4 days) within KURVE Wustrow’s partner organisation New Profile in Israel (home-based work model) and part-time within KURVE Wustrow’s regional programme management structures (1-1,5 days from the regional coordination office). KURVE Wustrow’s office is situated in the village of Al-Walajah, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

New Profile will start to be a partner in the CPS in 2024, the new CPS project will work on the topic of resisting militarism in Israeli society. In accordance with New Profile’s job profiles, the IPW will work within New Profile for 3,5-4 days per week.

For more than a decade, KURVE Wustrow has focussed on the support of non-violent initiatives in the occupied West Bank as well as initiatives and organizations in Israel that support human rights defenders, actively strive for a just peace and aim to end militarism and occupation. KURVE Wustrow works from a cooperation office in Al-Walaja (West Bank). Coordination, strategic programmatic development and administrative supervision is done by a regional coordinator. One part of the job is to support the coordinator in this work.

Key content:

Draft resistance and objection to militarism, training work, (informal) peace education, psycho     social-emotional support, research and content creation, planning, monitoring and evaluating as well as administrative support with a grass-roots NGO; support on strategic development and programme coordination as well as administration; partner-orientation and communication.


  • Planning and implementation of a Civil Peace Service project focussing on objectors to military service with activists in the partner organization 
  • Planning and implementation of Trainings
  • Planning and implementation of psycho-social-emotional support activities
  • Take part in program or organisational development and strategic planning in a non-hierarchical setting  
  • Supporting research work and the development of media content and publications 
  • Planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination of project activities together with the partner
  • Identification of partner’s needs in capacity building 
  • Organisation and implementation of trainings and networking events as well as moderation of meetings
  • Support in KURVE Wustrow’s programme management and coordination
  • Support in KURVE Wustrow’s programme administration, procurement procedures and financial reporting
  • Ensuring proper finance management and reporting as well as continuous communication with the CPS regional coordinator and the KURVE Wustrow main office
  • Contribution to and support of KURVE Wustrow’s Palestine/Israel team responsibilities
  • Contribution to the CPS regional coordinator’s continuous conflict and security analyses, close cooperation with the Civil Peace Workers on site 
  • Contribution to comprehensive cross-organisational processes of CPS organisations
  • Contribution to networking, public relations and information activities of KURVE Wustrow in Germany.


  • An antimilitarist and radical feminist worldview 
  • Team collaboration and communication skills  
  • Experience in activism 
  • Experience in consensus-based decision making 
  • Full Professional Proficiency in English; knowledge of Hebrew is of great advantage, knowledge of Arabic or Russian an asset
  • Respectful, intercultural, sensitive attitude and ability to self-reflect; high degree of flexibility, good team-player
  • Experience and/or education in organizing, therapy or emotional support, peace education, media work and/or research (Advantage)
  • Advanced training and experience in civil, nonviolent conflict transformation (e.g. training as civil peace worker or coach for conflict transformation) (Advantage)
  • Experience in community organising (Advantage)
  • Strong cultural sensitivity, professional handling of sensitive issues and discourses
  • Contextual knowledge or work experience in Israel and/or the Occupied Palestinian Territory are an asset
  • Experience in participatory planning and implementation of projects incl. PM&E (Advantage)
  • Ability to conduct project accounting (Advantage)
  • Readiness for living and official travels, possibly under difficult circumstances

People who are structurally discriminated against at various levels are particularly encouraged to apply.

Contractual conditions:
Given that the security situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel allows, we offer a contract in accordance with the German law for development aid workers (only for EU-citizens) or a contract in alignment with the German law for development aid workers for citizens from other countries until 31 December 2026, including a three-months preparation period in Germany expected to commence on 1 February 2024.

The conditions of the German law for development aid workers precludes the application and deployment of citizens of the countries of assignment (i.e. Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel).

Application procedure:
For your application (in English) please use our ONLINE-application form by using the following code PalestineIsrael_IPW until 12 November 2023.

Please notice:
The job interview will take place online on 27 November 2023.

Kurve Wustrow