18. Oktober 2021

Support Program Conflict, Climate Change and Environment in the Middle East

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports project ideas for organizations in the Middle East working on the nexus of climate change, environmental governance and conflict.

About the program

Climate change will have far-reaching impacts on the Middle East. Experts anticipate the region’s future to be dramatically affected by changing climate conditions and extreme weather events. Existing conflict lines will likely be exacerbated by these dynamics. The Robert Bosch Stiftung and its partners Orient Matters and the Arab Reform Initiative are calling for innovative project ideas in the Middle East.

Project ideas selected to be implemented within the framework of the support program are expected to address current challenges at the intersection of the fields of conflict, climate change and environmental governance with a comprehensive and sustainable approach. We are particularly interested in locally-led approaches that contribute to sustainable peace. In addition to the financial and ideational support of organizations, we aim to build a network. We believe that the exchange with other organizations contributes to an enhanced learning experience and long-lasting impact on the organizations participating in the program.