27. August 2023

Unveiling the unseen: Applying a feminist lens to digital peacebuilding

Based on the latest report "Sealing the cracks" by Build Up, the Beghof Foundation and the Platform Peaceful Conflict Transformation, in this blog post Nina Strumpf explores the transformative power of feminist and intersectional perspectives on digital peacebuilding.

It is known from previous research and experience in supporting peace processes that outcomes are more sustainable when peacebuilders manage to involve everyone affected. In order to design and implement inclusive peacebuilding programming, peacebuilders need to consider the multiple forms of discrimination that the people they work with may face.

While many peace processes strongly depend on a face-to-face approach, digital peacebuilding is widely spread and promises to help design inclusive peace processes. Using online meeting platforms can, for example, level out challenges in physical mobility and might even be able to cut through lines of class when it comes to the question of who can take part in a meeting. But the use of digital tools also holds risks that need to be considered.