12. September 2023

Berghof Foundation book launch: Human rights in mediation

The human rights and mediation communities share common goals - bringing an end both to war and human rights violations and contributing to sustainable and inclusive peace. But they have a tendency to question each other’s ethics, goals and methods. This can have the unfortunate effect of undermining the changes they are seeking.

In her book that is to be published on 29 August, Katarina Mansson challenges the myth that human rights are somehow a complicating factor for mediation and conflict resolution. Through examples, she analyses how human rights can support mediators in their task to assist parties to conflict settle their disputes peacefully.

The purpose of our launch event is to discuss these issues as well as the main findings of Katarina’s research. Together with high level representatives of the United Nations and interested governments, the Berghof Foundation will also highlight the need to increase efforts in integrating human rights in mediation processes. The panellists will touch upon examples of mediation processes which they have closely supported and highlight both positive aspects as well as the challenges of whether and how human rights were considered in mediation processes.  

Human rights in mediation

12 September 2023
15:15 - 16:30 CEST (icsical)

Online event via Zoom.

This event will be held in English. Register here.

Panellists will include:

  • Ilze Brands Kehris, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights and Head of the New York Office of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Katarina Mansson, Senior Human Rights Officer, Rule of Law Unit, Executive Office of the Secretary-General, UN Headquarters
  • Outi Holopainen, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Securiy Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Nicholas Haysom, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for South Sudan and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan
  • Andrew Gilmour, Executive Director, Berghof Foundation