26. – 29. Oktober 2021

Building a new narrative for monitoring

a workshop to strengthen peace and human rights work

The three-day workshop, will take you on a narrative journey. By focussing on key aspects including enthusiasm, learning, growing (stronger), and time, the journey will start by discovering your past and current stories about monitoring and subsequently take you to the creation of a future narrative that encompasses the changes you want to see. Through a mixture of methods, allowing you to work on- and offline, you will interact with your and the group's experience and move through this narrative change process in a playful as much as analytical way. As you leave you will know what your future monitoring will look like and be ready to start setting it up.

The workshop is designed to work with a maximum of 12 participants, to ensure highly participatory and tailored learning. It will combine synchronous and asynchronous sessions through pre-recorded input, individual and small group work, peer learning, structured plenary discussions and presentations, narrative circles and reflective elements. We will use methodologies speaking to different senses and experiences.

We intend to allow you to work as flexibly as possible. Specific arrangements regarding the timing will be agreed upon and confirmed with the group once registration has closed. While we will try to accommodate your needs and adjust session times to take into account different time zones, some flexibility might be required.

This workshop is the first in a series on ‘Rethinking monitoring’ and will be followed by additional formats on narrative methods and practice.