01. März 2022 – 12. April 2022

Campaigning for Nonviolent Change


Participants are able

  • to facilitate the planning process of a nonviolent campaign in their own contexts;
  • to select creative forms of actions for successful and sustainable campaigns.

Successful nonviolent movements are not just reacting on their opponents, but use operational planning and develop campaigns to put their activists on the offensive.

The training will focus on the planning process for a nonviolent campaign: How to pick the right campaign and formulate demands? How can we plan and then handle dynamics of political campaigning? Can we find consensus for „nonviolent discipline“, and how to make everyone do the right thing at the right time? How to develop creative actions and create strong images? How should we communicate with authorities and opponents, and lead negotiations? How do we ensure sustainable change after the campaign is over?

The training is for activists, organisers and leaders as well as peacebuilders and trainers involved in nonviolent movements, who want to plan and coordinate successful nonviolent campaigns and/or facilitate others to do so.

Thimna Bunte
Hilal Demir