23. – 24. Februar 2021

digitainable Forum

Mindful use of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (D&AI) for the SDGs

This event will facilitate exchange among a range of experts from the private sector, academia, research institutions, governmental agencies, and international development agencies on opportunities and challenges Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence (D&AI) pose to society, economy, and the environment in the context of sustainable development.

How are D&AI helping to address the gaps hindering the progress of the UN Agenda 2030? More specificially, how are different D&AI technologies influencing the sustainable transformation pathways at a local, regional, national, and global level? How are the technologies being taken up by stakeholders, particularly the private sector and NGOs? What role can D&AI play for the sustainable transformation in light of CoVID-19? These are just a few out of many questions that will be driving the event discussions. Furthermore, the event intends to bring forth the gaps identified in our research and stimulate the discussion with experts to address the vital ones.