20. Juni 2023

From female combatants to filmmakers

Online film premiere

The way we portray women during but also after war affects which issues are taken into account in peace processes. If we only perceive women as victims, they will be taken into consideration as such in designing the societal order after war, and in reconstruction and reconciliation efforts. Many of the issues women fight for during conflicts are then sidelined.

In our documentary ‘I Have to Speak: Colombia and Uganda’ female ex-combatants from both countries share their stories. They speak about their experiences during the conflict, the peace and reintegration process, and the continuous challenges they face in rebuilding their lives after the war.

At the film premiere, we will shed light on the experiences of female combatants during and after war together with the filmmakers and international experts. We will also talk about the aspirations of women who have been part of armed conflicts and jointly draw important lessons for current peace processes and reintegration efforts.

This event will be held in English and Spanish.
Simulatenous interpretation will be provided in English, Spanish, Kurdish, Burmese and Thai.

Welcome remarks by Inken Denker, Head of Division 412 – Gender Equality, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Panel discussion with:

  • Violeta Guetnamova, signatory of the 2016 Colombian peace agreement and filmmaker, Colombia
  • Grace Arach, Executive Director of the Foundation for Women Affected by Conflicts (FOWAC), Uganda
  • Glaucia Boyer, Global Advisor on Reintegration, UNDP

Moderated by Evelyn Pauls, Researcher and Project Manager, Berghof Foundation.