02. – 10. November 2021

Introduction to Security

Participants are able

• to analyse the ways in which they as individuals and their group, movement or organisation responds to risk
• to carry out an in-depth context analysis with a view to improving security practices • to create basic security plans and protocols for common or high-risk aspects of their work
• to choose secure practices and tools according to their own situation and capacity.

Activists and peace workers face many dangers in their work. This training combines physical, psychosocial and digital elements of security into an integrated approach to improve participants‘ abillity to think critically and act to improve the security of themselves, their communities, and families.

This training takes an approach which aims to redefine security in the context of peace work. Participants will understand and define ‘security’ for themselves in the context of their activism.

Participants will learn to assess their own security situation and identify areas for improvement, as well as entry points
to security strategies and plans for relevant aspects of their work.

Trainers: Marianne Koch, Peter Steudtner
Dates: 02–05 + 10 November 2021