01. – 03. Februar 2024

Iran – On a Search for a New European Policy towards Tehran

01.02.2024 - 03.02.2024

During the last year it was often discussed that European policy towards Iran is in need of reorientation. The revolutionary uprising against the radical Islamic regime, spearheaded by young women and girls, has profoundly changed the situation, and has increased the need to rethink Europe’s approach towards Tehran. The war between Hamas and Israel and particularly its consequences for the region provided further impetus for a new approach towards Theran. But what form could a new European Iran strategy take?

With this conference we will bring together experts from across Europe and different fields related to Iranian policy to elaborate on key questions of the future development of the European Iran policy. Particularly, we aim to search for ways and means to improve the empowerment of the Iranian society – within the country and in the diaspora alike.

If you follow this link, you find further information about the conference:  https://www.loccum.de/tagungen/2373/

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