05. März 2024

Political reintegration of women ex-combatants after war

Pathways to formal and informal politics

Gender inequality has hardly ever ended through the signing of a peace agreement. Women who join armed groups intending to enable more equitable societies usually wish to remain politically active after war and transition. Driven by their political agency and desire to transform power structures, many women ex-combatants find creative solutions to (re)mobilise peacefully in formal and informal political spaces.

Our two latest publications highlight the diverse paths of political reintegration taken by women ex-combatants following the signing of peace agreements. Some join the political sphere by running for elections, while others get involved in social activism and community engagement. Since 2022, we have met with more than 70 women ex-combatants from Colombia, El Salvador and the Philippines to document their experiences through focus group discussions, interviews and peer-learning workshops. The publications feature their testimonies on how they continue to fight for their goals through peaceful and democratic means. Several women ex-combatants will join our event to share their experiences and the lessons they learnt. 

We will also discuss key recommendations for the peacebuilding community on how to engage with women ex-combatants during the post-agreement phase of a peace process. 


  • Victoria Sandino Simanca Herrera, feminist leader, former Senator to the Republic of Colombia and ex-guerrillera from the FARC-EP
  • Morena Herrera, feminist activist and human rights defender, Member of Feminist Collective for Local Development and Citizen’s Association for the Decriminalisation of Abortion, veteran of the civil war in El Salvador
  • Johani Dimalao Ibad, Battalion Commander of the Bangsamoro Islamic Women Auxiliary Brigade
  • Martina Anderson, Sinn Féin representative to Europe

Moderated by Véronique Dudouet, Senior Advisor, Berghof Foundation.