31. Oktober 2022 – 04. November 2022

Strategising Nonviolent Change for Social Movements


Participants are able

  • to apply selected tools for the analysis of social conflicts in their own contexts
  • to act more strategically, i.e. formulating goals, steps and demands of nonviolent social movements as well as managing risks and opportunities

From Gandhi to the “Arab Spring”, from the anti-nuclear movement to the struggle for…
The training will offer a “guided tour” through cycles and dynamics of strategising processes in nonviolent movements. We will use a variety of practice-oriented analytical and strategic tools, with many application exercises on participants’ own case studies.

Coaching elements will be used to tailor the trainings to the needs and interests of the participants, so that they will leave with a practical toolkit for further action. Special emphasis will be given to not just develop grand plans, but to deal with chaos and risks, opportunities and repression, and how to build strategic alliances, in order to turn inevitable failures and shortcomings into long lasting success.


Mai Ali, Thimna Bunte, Hilal Demir, Andrea(s) Speck

Registration: https://kurvewustrow.civiservice.de/practitionerinpresence

Contact: ppt@kurvewustrow.org

Application deadline for all who need a visa: 24 June 2022

Application deadline for all who do not need a visa: 22 August 2022