16. – 17. Januar 2024

The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus from a Decolonial Perspective:A Bottom-up Approach?

The humanitarian–development–peace nexus (HDP) is a new way of working for UN agencies and international and national NGOs, introduced at the Global Humanitarian Summit in 2016. Even though it was designed at the UN level, it aims to closely link humanitarian aid, development assistance and peacebuilding through a bottom-up approach and joint conflict analysis. More recently, the aid sector has witnessed the emergence of a decolonial critique from within INGOs and NGOs in all three fields. These critiques ask how today’s power imbalances between the Global North and the Global South—which are also reflected in the aid sector—are rooted in a colonial past, and how greater equity can be achieved beyond a bottom-up approach. The conference will bring together (I)NGO staff and academics to share their analyses of the conceptualisation and implementation of the HDP and discuss:   

  • How has the HDP been implemented from the bottom up?  
  • Are there conditions under which the HDP should not be implemented?   
  • What does a decolonial approach to the implementation of the HDP mean in practice?  

Experiences with the HDP from Iraq, Mali and South Sudan will illustrate different obstacles and strengths in their approach to the HDP as it has been conceived, implemented and debated so far. 

The Conference will consist of two parts: An exchange of insights on HDP approaches by panellists from research and practice on the first day will be followed by a policy workshop on the second day aimed to generate insights for policy and practice with all conference participants. 

Simultaneous translation (Arabic, French) will be provided throughout the conference. 

The format of the conference on the first day will be hybrid, with the possibility of online participation. The second day will be presence only.