27. Mai 2021

Youth and armed conflict

Aspirations, agency and space for transformation

Panel discussion on the trajectories and opportunities for young people in transforming armed conflict.

Young people are not just victims or perpetrators of violent conflict. They are key actors in processes of conflict transformation and socio-political change. It is important to understand their aspirations for change and what influences their decisions to take a violent or nonviolent path.

Organised by the Berghof Foundation and Conciliation Resources, this panel discussion brings together young peacebuilders from different conflict contexts to share their experience in dealing with armed conflict.

At this event, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities for young people to respond constructively to violent conflict and the pathways to achieve change more effectively and peacefully – during armed conflict, in transition phases and in post-war reconstruction periods. What makes young people choose either violent or nonviolent pathways for change? How can nonviolent pathways be more effective? What kind of intergenerational engagement would strengthen formal and informal processes of socio-political transition and peacebuilding?