17. – 20. April 2023

Creative Approaches to Conflict Transformation

Thematic Training for peace and conflict work

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Who can register for this training?

The 4-day thematic trainingis offered to practitioners of peace and conflict work, those who intend to work in the field, and those interested in the use of creative approaches to conflict transformation.


The training aims at providing a space where participants can broaden their perspectives on conflict and tap into their own creativity, vulnerability, confidence, and power, to develop their capacities for creative modes of conflict transformation.


  • Explore examples of creative approaches, methods and tools to conflict transformation – for example theatre for living, embodiment, arts and sports approaches, Liberating Structures
  • Explore inner resources, cultivate creative energies, and name cultural and colonial taboos and complexities that prevent us from accessing and implementing creative approaches.
  • Identify how each one may engage daily self-care and collective care practices to encourage re-generating creativity.
  • Explore, practice, and test the diverse approaches to peacebuilding work and develop ideas on how to apply creative approaches in the participant´s field of work

Key Topics

  • Attunement: explore examples of creative approaches, methods and tools
  • Identify creativity within; confront and release what contrains us
  • Share and expand the circle:Apply the learning in self and in teams


The training will use different interaction formats (expressive arts and embodiment, circle processes, games and exercises for de-mechanizingself and community, constructive rest, and connection to nature within and without)to open up individual and collective creativity. Throughout the week, participants will be invitedto explore, cultivate and practice their individual creative resources and co-create a short sessionto facilitate for the group. In the early part of the week, we will explore role models andexamples, but the primary focus will be cultivating our own creative resources.