06. – 15. März 2023

Do No Harm

Conflict sensitive programming in peacebuilding, development cooperation & humanitarian work

(c) Alice Donovan Rouse/ unsplash

The training is designed for practitioners in the fields of peacebuilding, development cooperation, human rights and humanitarian work.

Depending on methods and topic of the training, we limit the number of available spaces to a manageable size (a maximum of 20 participants). Register early to reserve your place!


In each conflict, there exist factors that cause conflict and divisions – Dividers -, as well as factors that can bring conflict parties together, bridge gaps and have the potential to contribute to building peace – Connectors. Once support, in the form of projects and programmes in the realm of development cooperation, humanitarian relief and peacebuilding, enters a conflict situation, it interacts with this situation in either a positive or negative manner. Any support can fuel conflict and acerbate existing tensions/Dividers, or contribute to building peace by strengthening Connectors and weakening Dividers, thus it can have positive and negative (unintended) consequences. In this training, participants will learn how to analyse and understand the local context they are operating in, analyse the dynamics between the local context and their project/programme as well as their own conduct as individuals and professionals, and learn how to make informed choices to avoid (as far as possible) negative and increase positive impact.